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isra' m'raj


Almighty Allah Yg Memperjalankan Has His Servant Of The Night Time Grand Mosque [Mecca] to al-Aqsa Mosque [Baitul Maqdis-PALESTINIAN] Yg We Bestow Blessing Journey Around It, Because We Want To him Exhibiting Verses Us. Allaah is All-Hearer Noting. QS. Al-Isra 'verse 1.

Assalamualaikum Wr wb. The teman2ku particularly in the virtual world and certainly in the real world 4JJI antecedent honored by SWT. Earlier we said that thanks teman2 have took the time to listen to our presentation of many kekuranganya yg msh following

We all know that throughout the Islamic world every year, 27 Rajab slalu padg night in commemorating the story of the Ascension. As memories of historical events is very important who it is, if we see that the Ascension is a "journey godlike" which is unequaled, which is valid only one time in the history of the world kemanusia'an ini.Tiada ever existed in human life history of an event who entitled to be proud of and in the admired, revered and considered sacred sebagaihalnya story of the Ascension, who became the miracle and symbol of greatness and honor to the Prophet and Apostles is MUHAMMAD SAW. Godlike holy journey that occurs in the month of Rajab, after the Prophet Muhammad being the messenger, but he has not migrated to Medina. In the same year and the same night, at 27 Rajab. The occurrence of glorious trip it was with the physical body and spiritual prophet without parting Highness queen than others and at times he was awake / wake. Isra its events from the Haram to Masjid Aqsa in Baitul Maqdis Palestine, after which he did reply Ascension of the rock floating in Baitul Maqdis and to the seven heavens, level by level until the Sidratul Muntaha Jannatul Ma'wa who lies next to [ Syurga]. This is where the Prophet heard a scratch "Qalam" divine and the sentence of God somewhere who could not be achieved.

The method is not until the human mind to melukiskanya, because it happened very far from the reach of the mind, not her jism and not proportional. Net of all sample comparisons with all human beings like us in general. But we are convinced of the greatness of Allah. Single event like no other who was in until the day we commemorate today. But today man has sailed wide space, is the month and the monthly station on the air station. He remains a perangsangka to believe in who ghoib, and became the highest conth who are dealing with human weakness for divine nature who is the Greatest, Most Makes, who all form bertunduk to him quickly than on who we can guess and guess gauge .

Events ISRA 'leave is also a living motto is "FROM MOSQUE TO MOSQUE" which in the Javanese language "FROM TO Mosque Mosque" for example RAMADHAN SAFARI yes. This motto is a vivid symbol of who planted hearts stiap believer would perasa'an holiness on every trip with the purpose Highness. Both in the country and travel abroad. Mentioned place namely, that the mosque, but referred to his actions and his deeds, that is prostrate. Narrated from the Prophet's journey to the Masjid al-Aqsa Mosque, is to become like the pure clean heart and charity walk start time, and keep clean during the holy journey to the place antecedent to go to, even to return safely back in the holy presence nevertheless clean.

At a time when all men is just riding a Camel, horse or other animal animals, the Prophet Muhammad has been blessed by the Almighty to climb 4JJI KENDARA'AN dizamannya who have not been there. Kenendara'an who named "Buraq" was mentioned within the hadith "stride EXTENT MUCH EYE SEE" He rose rapidly rising and then fly off like the speed of arrows from his bow, beyond bukit2 Mecca and who crossed vast stretches of Sahara desert, heading north and was accompanied by ANGEL Gabriel. For many centuries the mysterious journey who can ill dipahamkan people should think. Just have faith that this is a miracle given 4JJI Almighty to Prophet Muhammad. But then, stelah through percoba'an a scholar of Islam from Andalusia who aviator named ABBAS BIN FERNAS (190-260 AH) or (805-873 AD) who started plugging the possibility of "HUMAN FLY". Later Islamic Philosophy "Ibn SIENA" make the story fantasy "argument IS THE MAN OF THE FLAYING" This is the reason of the existence of flying humans

Only then came the great visionaries of FRENCH MAN named Jules Verne (1828-1905 AD) with fantasy book book about a trip to the Moon and others. So finally then came the WRIGHT brothers from OHIO Amrik, who in 1878 AD with his first flying boat and then followed by Graf von ZEPPELIN from GERMANY in 1900 AD For our age who skarang modrn, it is not difficult to understand kendara'an "Buraq" which driven by Prophet Muhammad in his Night Journey to the centuries have passed it. So it boils down to this, our era is evident already PROMISES PROMISES 4JJI Almighty who spoke about the matter kendara'an and transport animals other than animals before it, which reads:
And God Will Make Sure (Kendara'an Other Kendara'an) What You're Not Aware of it. [QS. An Nahl: verse 8.]

When we talk about as an example, that humans have set foot into the MONTH, then we should remember always going to be a very distant PERBEDA'AN between his Mi'raj Prophet Muhammad who has been able to penetrate, or up to a SKY SEVEN layers to. While TRAVEL astronauts who can only get to the MONTH. While the master is still questioned ABILITY ULAMA wong Amrik's work who said astronauts had set foot MONTHS. Taukah you how the heat of the MONTH TEMPERATURE TREES who without the slightest things? Though sun shone so close MONTHS. We who live in the PLANET EARTH who TROPICAL SUN alone and away from heat Na'udzubillahi Minzhalik, what else in MONTHS? Humans today are not yet out of the vicious circle eh wrong, meaning sun. That we live in one of the planet Earth that we walk on it. As for the trip PROPHET, Mi'raj upward to the sky to SEVEN Sidratul Muntaha and get to JANNATUL MA'WA it has passed the Sun "Subhanallah Allahu Akbar." As history it has been mentioned in the "BOOK OF THE BIBLE" which revealed to the Prophet and His Apostles. Not a ceiling according to the meaning of who "LUGHOWY" or sehari2 language, but who is the heavens who are meant to be where the "Angels" and "ARWAH2" holy one, a natural "MALAKUT" which can not be taken by Man and JIN, except by those who got HONOR of 4JJI SWT to enter it. Latest culmination of the trip is, the Prophet Muhammad received is facing 4JJI loved to see the substance of his reply yg sublime tribute sbagai received his last Prophet, and then given a "AMANAH" for all beings, that is working on "Prayer FIVE TIMES IN A DAY last night "which was defined as" FIFTY TIMES IN A DAY last night "where we will be able, FIVE TIMES reply within a day and night who wrote much averse reluctant correct it?

What a glorious facing 4JJI SWT, it is. Western scholars say "if I were Muhammad, with the acceptance by the Supreme Court who 4JJI that then I will not back down to earth (WORLD) is. Yg full of sins and disobedience. But the Prophet Muhammad, who was not a" selfish "as western scholars yg selfish. After finishing facing 4JJI Azza WAAS Jalla, he begged to leave yourself back down to Earth ketengah society in Arabia who had to lead down the road Ridho 4JJI SWT. He was down to Earth to continue the sacred mission assigned by 4JJI SWT reply to him. He formed a new ummah, and became leader of the Ummah who is known as "ummatan wasata" (balance people) who achieved victory "Waal Fiddun'yaa afterlife" in order to benefit spiritually and physically. And may we always be in the guidance and Sharia, keep our prayers as container our faith and piety of greatness 4JJI Almighty. So we get him up to yaumil syafa'at end .. yaa Amiin Rabbal'alamin

LII Barokallahu Walakum Filqur'anil Adziem Nafa'anii Wa Wa Iyakum Bimaa Fihi Aayati Wa Minal Dzikril Judge Aquulu Qaulii Hajdza Wastaghfirullahil Adziem LII Walakum Innahu Huwal Ghofuururrahiim.

Billahi fi sabilil haq, Wassalamu'alaikum Wr wb.

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