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profil eksekutor pancung arab saudi

Profile of Saudi Arabia executioner

One executioner Saudi Arabia, Al-Beshi
There are about 6 people hangman, butcher's life, which served to decapitate the head tervonis death penalty in the country of Saudi Arabia. A quite popular names of the executioners Among the Abdallah ibn Said al-Bishi, Rezkallah Ahmad, and Muhammad Saad al-Beshi. The most famous are Al-Bishi because he has a facebook account with the name Abdalah Al-Bishi - The Arabian Executioner, then Muhammaad Saad and Ahmad Al-Beshi Rezkallah.
Great salary, flexible working hours, attractive bonus package is part of government incentives given to the executioner. However, the amount withheld according to agreement with the government. They are strong in carrying out the work as an executioner in the belief they are carrying out God's law. Muhammad Saad Al-Beshi began his career in Taif prison. Works is handcuffed and closed eyes were on death row before the beheading. His background is pushing him interested in the profession executioner. When there is a vacancy, Al-Beshi applied and was accepted. His first job in Jeddah in 1998 beheading of a prisoner. With one slash and swing a sword, his head rolled a few feet away from the body convict. Al-Bishi admitted shaking when I first had to undergo the task. But then he used to decapitate the head of his profession and had been sentenced to 7 people in one day.
However, he still respects the convict family by visiting victims' families to ask informed that tomorrow he would decapitate his family members. Problem salary is not a problem for Al-Beshi because he felt accomplish their Lord's command. Once he received a bonus from the government in the form of sword that is worth 20 thousand riyals (46 million dollars). He was so excited he was awarded a sword once used as a means of beheading. Diligent cleaning and sharpening her sword in order to have a high speed when decapitated the convict. Al-Bishi already familiar with his work, while people feel queasy to see blood spilled, but he could go home in peace and sleep soundly. Death row inmates are usually resigned to the fate that would befall him but still expecting an apology from the victim's heirs. Al-Beshi last conversation with the convict before he was executed convict is given the opportunity to say a sentence creed.
Al-Beshi personally can not bear to decapitate her if there are jobs. In the convict women had to use the hijab and there should not be approaching the time of execution. There are two options if terpidananya women, may choose swords or guns. Most chose executed by the sword. As one of the leading executioner, he was happy to teach his son, Mushed, became an executioner. Muhammad Saad Al-Beshi said that an executioner should focus on when running the job. He taught his son the points which should be considered so be quick and precise execution. As with an executioner he did not always decapitate the head of the convict. There are times when he carried out the law of Qisas cut the hands or feet using a special knife, not a sword. Officials stay menunnjukkan which part should be cut and he correctly execute it on the joints. Al-Beshi wife did not feel strange with his profession as an executioner. His wife always meyarankan day care before work and sometimes greet him at home and help clean pedangnyha of blood spills.
Adalagi Rezkallah executioner named Ahmad who claimed to have beheaded convicted of more than 300 people, 70 of whom are women. He started his career as an executioner is not permanent or volunteer, at age 20. At Oran walnya people doubted he would succeed as a hangman for being too young. Once he experienced the events touching. In the final seconds when he was about to decapitate a convict woman, he suddenly heard that the victims' families to forgive convicted. Execution canceled and police to bring back those convicted to prison. From pengalamnnya he saw himself as a hangman that convict women are generally more rigid than the convicted men. Women remain resigned and calm until the last second. Instead convict men restless and some even fainted before the execution or become insane.
One more executioner Saudi Arabia, Abdallah bin Said al-Bishi who served the first time in 1991 after his father's profession as well as executioners died a week earlier. Al-Bishi was surprised when he was appointed as executioner by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia. Memnacung first time, in direct mengekseskusi three people on that day. Until now, Al-Bishi was mengseksekusi more than 100 people. He wears a sword named Sultan, the legacy of the late father. Al-Bishi As a child watching his father carry out the execution in front of the gate Jaja Abdul Aziz. He saw heads hovering and a gush of blood as well. Al-night little Bishim sleeplessness and nightmares. A good execution sword came from Jowhar, a town about 90 miles north of Mogadishu, Somalia. Al-Bishi, as the other executioners confirmed that the main requirement to be the executioner is not allowed to feel pity for the convict. If a pity he will suffer and the heart to feel sorry, hands bound to fail. Executioner's work profession hereditary in his family. Al-Bishi eldest son, Badr, is training to be a bully and will be appointed for duty in Riyadh.
Thus the profiles of some Saudi Arabian executioner. You are interested in applying for a job as an executioner in there?

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